CAD Related Services

bulletMachine Design

                RMD has extensive experience in designing all types of equipment from Agricultural to Aerospace.  We can provide your company with assembly

 line equipment to enhance your manufacturing facility.  We design automation equipment using either pneumatics or hydraulics depending upon the

 application.  All types of mechanisms can be designed to move. push, locate or install whatever needs to be done.  We design equipment to mechanically

 sort parts or packages.  If it has moving parts, give RMD a chance to show your company just how we can help.

                Complete design manuals are provided with the design including CD's or DVD's with the electronic data.

bulletMechanical Design

                RMD designs machine tooling for production machine shops, for casting facilities or fabrication shops.  If it needs to be held to have secondary work

 done to it, we are the company to call.  We design tooling for horizontal or vertical machining centers to enhance your production.  These are generally

 designed using air or hydraulic clamping.  If the production does not warrant high speed clamping, manual clamping can either be designed or specified.

bulletConceptual Design

                When a company decides to manufacture a new piece of equipment, there needs to be a starting point in the design process.  This is where the

 Conceptual Design comes in.  RMD can provide a concept computer model of what the finished product would look like and by adding movement to it, we

 can show some of the functionality.  In making concept models electronically you can see and measure exactly how it will look.  After the concept RMD would

 then be glad to finish the design in a timely and cost effective way.

bulletFixture and Tooling Design

                See information under Mechanical Design

bulletSolid Modeling

                  RMD can provide solid models of existing 2D designs in order for your company to step up to a system that contains all the information in a single

 part.  Using a computer model for your parts or equipment allows the saving of weight, size and physical mechanical properties attached to it that can then be

 carried over to the 2D model.  Solid modeling is also parametric, meaning that when one part in a device or piece of equipment changes, the 2D drawing

 automatically updates.  This can be a tremendous cost saving for the engineering department.

                  RMD will provide and store the files for you for a period of up to 1 year.  At that time we purge our files but backups are made using CD or DVD

 media.  All work is done on the premises and is not shipped off shore.

bulletSolidWorks 2013 Premium

                  SolidWorks for 2013includes a number of  improvements over the 2010 version.  The new version makes better use of draft, fillets and GD & T.  By

 using a product like this, RMD is able to stand behind all work performed.   All designs are done utilizing SolidWorks with complete verification of all

 calculations.  Individual parts that are subjected to high stress have stress analysis done on them as they are being designed.  By going to Premium, we can

 leverage Cosmos for assemblies.  This gives us instant feedback on the design and allows us to make changes that will improve the product and also cut


bulletAlibre 2011

                    Alibre is a parametric solid modeling software that RMD uses to design with.  It allows us to develop parts that have fit, form and function.

bulletAlgor V22

                    Algor is a leading provider of Finite Element Analysis software.  Using this software allows RMD to optimize the design of your parts by analyzing

 deflection and areas of stress build-up.  By doing this analysis we can then remove metal from certain areas to remove excess weight.  In other words we can

 design for use and ease of manufacturing.  With Algor, RMD is able to analyze complete assemblies.

bulletReverse Engineering

                   Reverse engineering is a viable method to create 3D manufacturing models from existing parts and system components.

            The process involves disassembly, inspection and measuring a component and reconstructing it as a 3D Cad model. Once

 captured the part can be manufactured anywhere to specified tolerances and materials. Reverse engineering is often done due to

 obsolete documentation or when the original builder is no longer available.

bullet2D/3D Conversion

                  RMD will take your old 2D drawings and convert them to 3D parametric models complete with all documentation so there will be no lost information.

                  This will allow faster changes to existing designs and also let you import the solid models into you CAM program for quicker and more accurate

 machining programs.

bulletFinite Element Analysis

                    FEA is a method for analyzing a part or machine to determine if it has been designed so as to meet all stress and load carrying specifications. 

RMD does Static Linear Stress on all parts that are subjected to large loads or where weight might be saved.  It is also used to determine if the shape can be

 changed in order to improve the product.,

bulletGeometric dimensioning and Tolerancing

                    More companies are using GD & T to improve their products.  This allows the manufacturer to make sure the product fits and functions while

 improving their through put with less bad parts.  All designs done by RMD are done using Y14.5M which is the latest release of the standards.