General Engineering



bulletEngineering Analysis

                Reynolds Machine Design will take your concept or idea and using specially designed software will analyze it to make sure the design or concept

                is feasible and will perform as expected.


bulletFinite Element Analysis

                Using Algor FEA software Reynolds Machine Design will analyze either individual parts or complete assemblies to make sure the design will

                withstand the dynamic forces that it will be subjected to.  By using FEA design software we are also able to design your parts so as to use the

                least possible amount of material for cost and weight savings.












bulletStress and Strain

                All designs produced by Reynolds Machine Design are designed with the loads they will carry in mind.  Stress and strain calculations are carried

                 out on all load carrying members and other parts that are subjected to extreme loads.



                Reynolds Machine Design will take your design and run stress calculations, torque requirements, specify material and heat treatment and/or suggest

 alternative ways to accomplish your design goal.  RMD is committed to making sure all designs that are produced here or are analyzed here will meet or

 exceed what  they are designed to accomplish.